Corporate Team Building Today

The term teambuilding activity conjures up thoughts of the old standby Corporate Olympics or conference room "Stranded-on-a-Desert-Island" scenarios of days gone by. But much has changed in this exciting segment of the corporate meetings and incentives arena. And with buyouts and mergers occurring almost daily, companies are realizing now more than ever that a crucial part of their business success is to keep morale on an even keel. Yet as popular as corporate teambuilding events have become, there are still many companies reluctant to "dip their toe into the water." Unfortunately, objections spring from common misconceptions about these types of events.

One such myth is that teambuilding activities are expensive. Some can be. But there are a variety of events that can be custom-tailored to fit any budget. Impact works in tandem with companies who specialize in teambuilding activities and, as a result, can operate them at minimal cost. We have arranged quality, fun-filled events costing no more per person than the price of breakfast at most hotels.

Another misconception is that teambuilding activities are complicated and require a significant amount of time. Again, flexibility allows you to structure an event lasting anywhere from 2 hours to an entire day. We recently managed an incentive program in Orlando for a leading telecommunications company whose attendees (both employees and their guests) participated in a hilarious activity that was extremely popular. It involved only the very simple task of constructing boats made of cardboard, using the hotel's swimming pool as the "testing ground." The event took little time and money, yet the results were priceless.

Companies will also tend to shy away from teambuilding because they are under the mistaken notion that it puts their people in a situation which might be embarrassing or awkward. As corporate teambuilding has evolved over time, so has an increased awareness and sensitivity to all members who might be part of a group. Activities are structured with various skill levels and personality types in mind, so everyone feels that they are a valuable contributor to the team's success in a competitive yet supportive setting.

Regardless of how many teambuilding events you have been a part of, either as a planner or participant, it is always a unique experience to see it unfold. Individuals discover their own strengths and abilities when presented with an exciting group challenge. A successful event provides attendees with lasting memories, bonded relationships and most importantly, a renewed sense of purpose and belonging within their organization.