Corporate Meeting Planning

Bringing people together from various locations, from different branches of an organization or even from separate hierarchical levels within an organization, can be a painstaking process. It can be like fitting together the pieces of a large and complex puzzle. Selection of the perfect location is essential, as is providing an atmosphere conducive to communicating the objectives of the meeting. Transportation, overnight accommodations, and meal functions also play an integral part in determining your attendee comfort level and, in turn, their absorption and retention of the material presented.

Your company's focus on the meeting should be directed toward the goals and contents of the meeting agenda. Spending valuable time and resources on the extraneous details shifts the focus of your planning efforts, and may compromise the meeting's overall success. By putting the logistical details of your corporate meetings into the hands of our Impact professionals, you allow your meeting planners to do what they do best - come up with insightful and creative ways to present your company objectives.

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