about impact incentives

Finding new and exciting ways to motivate the people within your organization can be a little like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

There you are with hundreds of small pieces scattered in disarray in front of you. Many of them look the same, but of course they're not.

The frustrating part is that you KNOW what your outcome is supposed to be, but how do you get there?

Where do you begin?

To top it off, you probably have several people depending on you to put it together and do it as quickly as possible.

Do you have the time to look for any of the missing pieces?

Impact does this through developing out-of-the-ordinary, custom-tailored incentive travel programs and corporate meetings.

Since we are presented with this challenge every day, we have the know-how and experience to quickly identify those frustrating "missing pieces" and ensure that they make their way into the big picture.

Our creative, innovative approach leads to programs that ELECTRIFY and INSPIRE.

Let's face it--putting together a puzzle is meant to be a leisurely activity, but pulling off a top-notch meeting or incentive program is anything but. It is a full-time job and we think your time is better spent doing what you do best---managing your business. And much like the pieces of a puzzle, Impact sees each program as a separate and unique component of achieving an overall goal.

Collecting and piecing together the loose ends is all in a day's work at Impact. We provide a full range of services in planning your program, including:

  • Complete program development including promotional strategy, site research/selection, and budgetary projection.
  • Promotional marketing support both prior to and during the program, including design and coordination of printed materials and mailings, program Web Pages, and premiums such as special apparel or gifts and awards.
  • Coordination of all program logistics including events at both on- and off-site venues, guest speakers, meal functions, recreational outings and tournaments/teambuilding activities.

On-site, round-the-clock execution and management of all program components. Accounting, auditing, and reconciliation of all program expenses. We could not complete any program without one very essential piece of the puzzle---our customers. Despite all our expertise, it is with the help of our clients that we can fully determine how all the pieces fit to complete the final outcome.



While I expected my incentive program to produce additional sales, I had no idea that it would also show me areas where we could reduce our costs!
CFO, Fortune 100 Computer Manufacturer
Your Return on Investment analysis indicated areas of Personnel Management that allowed us to help an individual employee through a very difficult period in his life. We are grateful for your involvement with our company.
President, Food Distribution Company
Your unique methods have peaked the performance of our entire management team, and we now enjoy an unprecedented level of support for our sales incentive program.
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Insurance Company
I honestly thought incentive programs were only used in large corporate environments. You have opened my eyes to how they can work in a retail store like mine. Thank you for taking the time to teach me this, and please stay away from my competitors!
Retail Business Owner
Our incentive budgets have not been effected by the recent economy and we owe that to the ROI methods that you have brought to us. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and growing our base of ROI Incentive Programs.
CFO, Telecommunication Company