Exclusive Debit Card Programs

Sticky vs. Slippery
There are really two types of rewards, sticky and slippery. Sticky rewards are memorable because they stick in the recipient's mind. (Pretty clever, huh?) On the other hand, slippery rewards have fleeting impact and often slip the recipient's mind. Seems simple enough. However, the challenge is finding the right reward to impact behavior and generate lasting results. This is particularly difficult given today's diverse workforce where appealing to everyone's individual motivators often seems impossible.

Cash is Not King
Many companies assume that cash is the answer. And sure, people want cash. But, when they're spending it on toothpaste and toilet paper, do you think they're going to remember where it came from? An AEIS "Achieve More" survey found that 29 percent of those who received a cash reward spent it on bills. Another 18 percent couldn't recall how their cash rewards slipped away. You want to create memorable rewards that leave a positive impression in the Reward Earner's mind. That means creating programs that deliver the flexibility of cash with an impact that sticks long after the program ends.

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