Incentive Travel Programs

A professional-quality incentive travel program can be one of the best motivators for your sales force, employees, top level executives, clients or distributors.

Like the proverbial "carrot," an incentive travel program provides positive reinforcement that is intensified throughout the year. It provides a consistent motivator, one in which the individual has control over his/her own personal achievement. This goal can be tangible, such as increased sales volume or bottom line dollar amount. It can also be intangible, such as effort level, as determined by one's associates. In either case, each individual's personal achievement is monitored and further publicized along each step, creating an excitement that spreads throughout the organization. Furthermore, the travel program itself is designed to encourage camaraderie and company loyalty. It may be enhanced with additional rewards, such as gifts or a formal awards ceremony, creating a further sense of fulfillment for the individuals.

Each piece of your incentive program requires professional expertise, in order to design a program that best fits the needs of your organization. Our Impact professionals take the puzzle out of your incentive travel programs by putting together these pieces for you.

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